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Have you always longed to have an aerial shot of the iconic structure that you like, maybe the Louvre in Paris or the Opera House in Sydney? Yet you had been unsuccessful so far, for the obvious reason that taking the aerial shot required you to be in the air (in a chopper or something) and then you could get the view. However, doing so isn’t really possible for the common man because of the expenses that it entails. But that’s not the case anymore as you no longer need to be in the air yourself. All you need is a drone and a quality camera attached with it and you are ready to take the best shot! Following you will find all the information needed on how to buy a drone.

Drone – what is it?

Well, technically speaking, drones are unmanned aircrafts that can be used to capture images or videos, carry things with ease, maintain surveillance and a lot more. Although, initially the drones were built for military use only yet over the time their uses have been diversified and in the present situation, we know them more as a commercial and a personal item than the military gadget. They have totally revolutionized the way the commercial market runs – from commercial photography to commercial surveillance, drones are being used everywhere for the benefits that they offer.

Where to fly them?

Since, drones can be used for a multitude of purposes and at present they are obtainable at a very low cost, the air space seems to be getting crowded with more and more drones, both from commercial and personal users. But the rapid increase in the number of drones in the market, especially in the US, has led to incidents where these drones came in the path of aircrafts like helicopters, flights, choppers and other such manned aircrafts leading to close calls that could have claimed a lot of human lives and caused other damages too.

As such, the various states in the US have been trying to put in the rulebooks various laws that would determine the path as well as the extent of use of the drones. Although, no firm law has been put into implementation yet it’s best to check with the local authorities before you actually fly a drone.

If you leave in the US , you can checkout the drone’s restricted areas via this link.

mapbox - flight zones


Why should you buy a drone?

The availability of personal or commercial drones may have increased considerably in the recent times, but they vary in their build and the function that they can carry out the best. That is why, before you buy a drone, you need to learn how to buy a drone, narrow down on the reason for which you need a drone and based on that, you have to choose the suitable one from those available in the market.

Here are a few categories into which the drone uses can be classified:

  • Professional photography: if you are into commercial or high-level personal photography, you may want to use a drone to get the air views of events, places or things that you want to capture.
  • Videography: similar to photography, if you are keen on getting better videos of the events that you are covering, you may want to use a drone.
  • Traveling: some people have a tendency to capture video or images even when they are traveling and such drones need to be ideal for a travel with you.
  • Sports: a few drones are being designed that can help capture adventure or pleasure sports moments for you.
  • Delivery: when it comes to commercial uses, drones can be used quite easily to deliver goods to over quite an incredible area.
  • Agriculture: drones can be suitably used to spread fertilizers, look after the crops in the field and so on.
  • Security: a vast commercial space can be easily monitored and maintained with the use of the drones.
  • Census: drones can be used in the wildlife parks or forests for a census of the animals.
  • Real estate: recently, real estate agents are using the drones for getting aerial views of the condos or the plots that they are planning to sell.

Factors to consider before buying a drone

Drones vary in their features and the following must be considered before you buy a drone:

  • Wingspan: the measurement from tip to tip of the blade is quite an important factor. If you want to fly in indoors, keep it small and for the outdoors, opt for a larger one.
  • Camera: the type of use that you would make of the drone would determine the camera quality that you would require.
  • Flight time: the time that the battery will last once charged is an important decisive factor. The longer you want the drone to be in the air at a stretch, the better should be its battery life.
  • Controllers: some drones have their own controllers while others can be controlled via an app installed on your Smartphone. Choose one depending on your need.

Best drones for different categories:

dfi inspire 1

        • For photography: The DJI Inspire 1 is one of the best in the category.With a simple setup, smooth controls, HD streaming, 4K video, GPS flying and high speed, this is the just thing for a pro photographer, commercial or personal.

$3,499.93 |  Buy on Amazon



    • For beginners: If you are planning to get in the flow, the Syma X5C could be the right thing to start with. Easy to use, simple, durable, affordable and a standard camera – all make it the best for a newbie.

$51.55 |  Buy on Amazon



    • For kids: Being light, inexpensive, easy to fly and durable, the UDI U818A is the one that you should buy for geeky child. It comes with an inbuilt camera and also a USB connector that will allow your kid to easily share all videos and images.

$50.15  | Buy on Amazon


Hubsan X4

    • Indoor flying: The Hubsan X4 is the drone that you should consider if you are looking to fly it indoors. It’s nifty, cheap, small and considerably heavy, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

$150.90 | Buy on Amazon

So, consider wisely and compare the various options available in the market so as to make the best choice of the drone for your use. Don’t overdo it and choose one that will make things complicated, choose one that’s enough to suit your purpose.

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