Top 5 Drones for sale in 2016

Looking for a remote controlled drone ?

Whether you are a beginner quadcopter enthusiast, a professional aerial photographer or are just looking for an affordable drone, is the right place for you. Purchasing a drone can be a daunting task much like buying a car, you have to peruse and select the feature you can’t live without. Do you want a starter drone or one with 4k camera and indoor flight capabilities ? Look no further. Following is a list of the top 5 drones for sale that can help you make that decision.


$464.58  | $899.99  (with Skycontroller)




The parrot bebop is medium sized drone that is both light and stable with a sturdy construction. It is an ideal drone for both beginners and intermediate quadcopter/photography enthusiast. With 14 megapixels fisheye camera you’ll get amazing images and impressive videos. Upload your videos from the drone directly to youtube, facebook and instagram.

The parrot bebop is cheaper than its main competitors and has comparable 1080p videos without the need of a gimbal (via a stabilization algorithm), and with few moving parts, you’ll have less chance of breaking your new drone. It can be flown using a smart phone or with the Skycontroller although the latter add an additional $400 to the price of the Bebop.

Additional capabilities are: User-controlled 180° vision, return to home feature, the ability to create a flight Plan (in app paid feature).


$1,259 (Professional) | $999 (Advanced)

dji-phantom 3 pro saleThe phantom 3 is the best consumer copter from the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI. This quadcopter comes in two models: the Phantom 3 professional takes 4K video at 30fps and the Phantom3 advanced is limited to 1080p video at 60fps.

Both these platform have a range of 1.2miles (2km) and now sports a customizable remote controller with sensitive sticks and dedicated buttons. The phantom 3 offers all you can ever want in an aerial photography drone, it has all the pro features and has the lowest learning curve. You can read the in depth review over here.

BLADE 350 QX3 Quadcopter (RTF)


Blade quadcopter

This is an easy and ready to fly RC drone and you can even mount a gopro camera on it. This little drone will fly for 15 minutes on battery before it needs to be recharged. It offers a very smooth flight and can be controlled by a smart phone via WIFI using first person view (FPV).

This drone offers the most features for you money: a mast mounted GPS antenna, compass, Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (return to home feature) and a smart mode for safe flying.



Hubsan X4

The Hubsan is a very popular micro rc drone. It is the perfect first quad: not expensive and yet very fun to fly. This model comes with first person view (FPV), you can see what the drone camera sees and this helps with the flying.

The 0.3-megapixel camera’s footage (SD) is not of the highest quality and is best used to assist the flying of the device. There are cheap crash kit, which add to the stress-free enjoyment of the hubsan, and after learning to fly with this drone you will be able to handle any of the bigger uavs without fearing to crash them on your first flight.

You can check the comparison review of the Hubsan models here.



DJI inspire 1

This aerial photography drone is for filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers. With this choice you will have all the features you need in one easy to fly package. You will have the option to separate the filming by using multiple operators: one operator for piloting the device and a cameraman to only worry about your movie footage.

You will have a precise control of your final shots with the help of a camera that rotate 320 degrees and can tilt 90 degrees. The Inspire 1 is a big, heavy and well-constructed drone that will be able to handle battering winds while remaining stable. Its top speed is at 80 km/h (50 mph).

You will be able to control the quadcopter with the integrated Lightbridge transmitter that operates within a range of 2 km (1.25 mi). The inspire will also streams 720p high-def video back to your transmitter for easily monitoring your shots. This is an expensive drone but can justify its price by bringing all the features that you might need for making high quality aerial photography and movies.