Best Quadcopter for Beginners 

What is a Quadcopter?

A Quadcopter is a remote controlled helicopter with 4 propellers which are easier to operate and provide a fun flying experience. This type of flying drone is a bit more sophisticated than the usual RC helicopters as you can have more control with the help of the installed gyros that helps to further stabilize the copter.

There are a lot of quadcopters available in the market that are affordable, safe and easy to fly for a beginners. Making a choice for a quadcopter can depend of different factors. But first you will need to ask yourself a few basic question. Where will you be flying your drone ? Do you need looking one capable of flying both indoors and outdoors ? You also need to consider the size of the quadcopter, ease of handling , ease of assembly (if any) and quality of the material it is made out of. All of those considerations are needed to pinpoint the best quadcopter for you.

Based on our analysis we finalized that the best quadcopter for beginner level is the SYMA X5 C.

About SYMA X5 C


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This is a mid-size quadcopter perfect flying machine for beginners who seek to make flying drones a new hobby. You can grab this flying toy along with additional propellers, SD Card and battery chargers for less than $70. With an excellent builtin HD Cam, you can take amazing photographs and videos from the above. It is one the most popular model in the midsized category that is capable of doing some amazing acrobatics that are always fun to watch and accomplish.


SYMA X5C is one of the best modular design models available in the market, and since it is modular you can easily assemble it quickly, as you are bound to crash your quadcopters in the beginning. You can also buy this model along with propeller guards that can prevent your propellers getting damaged in case you crash land your Syma X5C. And surprisingly there was not severe damage done to the drone when I did some testing for a crash landing.

Remote Sensor

The remote controller that comes along with the drone is designed in such a way to fit perfectly in anyone’s hand and with its ingenious spectrum technology SYMA claims that the X5C can fly higher than any other models in this category. And as per the instructions present in the SYMA website, they say that the remote can handle flying the drone for a max of 50 meters, but our tests proved that it can reach further than that.

Handling and Speed

With its 6-axis gyroscope controllers, anyone can fly this amazing drone and be in full control of the flight. It has one of the best hovering capabilities that is not found in most of the heavily prized drones. Having a smaller design than most of its competitors, SYMA X5C can manoeuvre with great speeds and you can do a complete 360 degree flip with ease. Since it’s just 2 pounds in weight, you should avoid flying it in high winds if you don’t want it to be swept away.

HD Cam

Even though the SYMA X5C doesn’t come fitted with a professional cam, it takes some decent pictures for a 2 MP HD Cam. With a 1280×720 p resolution picture quality, you can’t expect more from $70 drone that also gives you a sturdy make and exceptional flying capabilities.

Highlights of SYMA X5 C

  • 2MP HD Cam with a brilliant 1280x720p resolution for taking amazing photos and videos
  • Capable to Fly both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Lightweight with an attractive modular design
  • Can perform 360 degree rolls
  • Has the best on line 6-axis gyroscope

What People Say

In conclusion, this drone has surpassed a lot of people’s expectations with its very low price, modular design and amazing speed. It is no surprise that it is one of the best Quadcopter for Beginners  in the mid-sized quadcopter category. Some concerns put forth by users are about the shipping time and the Battery life of the drone, but when we ordered we got it delivered in quick time and the battery life is seems to be quite a bit fine for us in the $60 category quadcopters.

Video :

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