Dji phantom 2 vison + V3.0

This is one the best drones on the market right now, it is ready and easy to fly even for beginners. The dji phantom 2 vision + comes with an integrated camera to capture great and stable pictures/videos with the help of the 3-axis Camera Stabilization Gimbal.

This flying camera system will deliver professional results with less effort than its competitors. It comes with great feature such as return to home (RTH) settings, Integrated GPS autopilot system, First Person View (FPV) remote control, 3-axis Camera Stabilization Gimbal and much more.

If you are looking to purchase your first drone and do not want to deal with the hassle of having to assemble it yourself, you will be joining a great community of quadcopter enthusiasts. In short, you cannot go wrong with this drone.

The only downside so far with DJI drone has been their customer services which might affect some reviews on amazon but the quadcopter community will be more than happy to share their own experience and any troubleshooting you might need.

Flight time 25 min
Charging time 55 min
Camera 1080p
Remote control Rechargeable battery built in
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Integrated GPS autopilot system

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.53.12 PM

The integrated GPS autopilot system allows for precision flight and stable hovering.





Program a flight path


This feature lets you program a flight path using your smartphone, which leaves you the leisure to take pictures and videos while the phantom is flying around the predefined path.



HD Camera & 3-axis Camera Stabilization Gimbal


The Dji Phantom 2 Vision+ has an integrated 14 Megapixels HD camera that shoots full HD video at 1080p.




Return to home (RTH)

The Phantom 2 vision+ v3.0 comes with the RTH feature. With the help of the flight radar, the drone can determine its position relative to the pilot and in the case it exceeds the control range of the remote, the ‘return to home’ (RTH) feature will be triggered. The drone will then  fly back to the position where it took off and land safely.


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