DJI Phantom 3

The Phantom 3 is the new aerial drones model to come from the highly successful manufacturer DJI. This new model comes into 2 categories each targeted at specific users: those who want their footage to be professional and on the cutting edge will probably want to chose the DJI Phantom 3 professional with the 4k camera (12.0 mega pixels) and those who wants amazing images but do not need 4k camera will be more than happy with the DJi Phantom 3 Advanced with an HD 1080p camera (12.0 megapixels).

They both follow in the footstep of the highly commercially successful Phantom series of drones. They bring the same ease of use, full package flying system that we have come to expect from the Phantom models. The included Live HD view  allows ,in combination with a smartphone or a tablet , to experience the flight in crystal clear quality as well  to capture the perfect shot .

This flying camera platform now has tripled its range from the previous generation of Phantom models (up to 1.2miles or 2km) and now sports a new customizable remote controller with sensitive sticks and dedicated buttons making it both comfortable and a joy to fly.

Phantom 3 professional Phantom 3 Advanced
Camera (not removable) :           4k   Camera (not removable) :          HD 1080p 
Signal transmission distance :    1.2 miles (2 kilometers) Signal transmission distance :   1.2 miles (2 kilometers)
Flight time:                                  23 minutes Flight time:                                  23 minutes
Battery :                                      100 watt charging unit Battery:                                       57 watt charging unit
Weight:                                       2.8lbs (1280 g) Weight:                                        2.8lbs (1280 g)
Diagonal size:                            23.2 in (590 mm) Diagonal size:                             23.2 in (590 mm)
DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android
Advanced Vision Positioning for Indoor Flight Advanced Vision Positioning for Indoor Flight
Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon

The remote control has a mobile device holder.With your iOS or android mobile device,  you can install the phantom 3 powerful mobile app that will allow to control the drone, use the automatic video editor, live stream your flights directly to YouTube, track your progress/drone on a map live and adjust the camera as well as the flight settings.

New to this model is the ability to fly safely indoors. At ground level or in GPS-free area, the new technology allows visual and ultrasonic sensors to scan the ground underneath the phantom 3 for patterns making it more accurate in its movement and positioning.

If you were looking to purchase a drone, the phantom 3 offers all you can ever want in a flying system, it has all the pro features and has the lowest learning curve. It doesn’t hurt that it is an absolute joy to fly.



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